Broeder, Alfons den

Broeder , Alfons
Dr  Alfons  den  Broeder 

Associate Professor

Inflammatory diseases


Alfons den Broeder is a rheumatologist - clinical epidemiologist, and is working since 2007 as head of rheumatology staff in Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen. In addition to patient care and management, he has developed several research lines, including biological dose optimalisation, implementation of quality of care in rheumatology, and imaging and treatment of osteoarthritis. He has served as PhD counsil at several occasions, and has published over 80 peer reviewed articles. He is commissioner of quality at the Dutch Society for Rheumatology. He is active in several national and international collaborations in the field of disease measurement, protocol development and quality , resulting in an extensive network of cooperation partners include UK , USA , France and Sweden.

National & International Personal Prizes & Awards

  • Thomas Hoogeboom  PhD project: 2012 prize for the best thesis of the scientific college for physical therapy
  • Eefje de Jong: 2005 best RadboudUMC medical research student project internal medicine
  • Noortje van Herwaarden: 2014 best presentation top-abstract NVR scientific meeting