Scientific Integrity for PhD students

Lately science has been compromised in more than one occasion by issues having to do with the integrity of researchers and research teams. Individuals and the culture in which science can grow and proliferate seem to have become vulnerable to mainly three breaches of integrity: Fraud, Falsehood and Plagiarism (FFP). For young scientists in training the question thus arises: are my ideals of becoming a scientist still realistic? Ideals of being independent in criticism, audacious in reasoning, creative in observing and theorizing. Or do issues of sponsoring, pressure to show results, earning grants, nowadays have an one-sided impact on scientific conduct and thinking, depriving scientific endeavour of such ideals? This course is designed to discuss the above mentioned matters with researchers in training for PhD. Goal is to develop integrity as a professional competency in relation with personality factors. The central concept of integrity, together with virtues like honesty, courage, reliability, prudence will be discussed in the context codes and rules of conduct. candidates will learn to discuss matters of integrity critically by using those virtues and to determine their proportionality in daily practice. Actual problems will be brought in by the students as 'cases' and actual matters from politics and media will be analyzed. Special attention is given to the relations between scientists, promotores, PI's, postdocs.

End goal
To support scientists in training for a PhD in their development of the competencies necessary for a responsible innovative researcher in life science.
Since 1 September 2014, this course is mandatory for 2nd year Radboudumc PhD candidates (so for those who started their PhD project after 31 August 2013). The course is part of the Training and Supervision Plan (TSP).
Please note: Only PhD candidates who have been working on their PhD project for at least 1 year (at the time of the course) will be admitted to the course. Priority will be given to PhD candidates who are in their 2nd year. PhD candidates who have been working on their PhD project for more than 2 years can be placed on the waiting list or may choose to participate in the integrity course offered by the Radboud University.

Course leaders
Prof. Evert van Leeuwen (Medical Ethics)
Prof. Gert Jan van der Wilt (Health Technology Assessment)


Number of participants
Holthurnsche Hof, Nijmegen
Via the website of PAO Heyendael