NCEBP PhD Award for Mark van den Boogaard

Boogaard , Mark Van Den

True to tradition, a PhD award was awarded to the best thesis of 2012 within the research institute NCEBP during the NCEBP symposium on June 26, 2013.

According to the set procedure, all 14 theme coordinators received a written request to nominate their best thesis / theses for the PhD award 2012. In total, 17 out of 82 theses from 2012 were nominated.

These nominated theses were judged by the jury, consisting of Prof. Michel Wensing (chairman), Prof. Anne Speckens and Dr Niels Riksen, according to the following criteria:

  • Originality / innovative character of research
  • Relevance of the research within the NCEBP field of knowledge
  • Quality in terms of scientific standard
  • Societal impact

Based on the summaries, the five best were selected. Subsequently, the five best theses were reviewed and consequently ranked according to the abovementioned criteria.

  1. Mark van den Boogaard: "Delirium in intensive care patients; detection, impact, prediction, prevention and biomarkers" 
  2. Annemijn Aarts:  "Personalized fertility care in the Internet era"
  3. Anke Snijders: "Tackling freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease"
  4. Hermann Bussmann: "An evidence-based public health approach to establish an antiretroviral treatment program in a reseource-limited setting"
  5. Elisa Garcia Gonzalez: "In search of good motherhood. How prenatal screening shapes women's views on their moral duties to their family"

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