Paco Arjona wins ERA-EDTA Fellowship

Arjano , Paco

Dr. Paco Arjona, Dept. of Physiology is a winner of an ERA-EDTA Long-Term Fellowship entitled "The functionomics of new players underlying renal magnesium reabsorption".

His Curriculum Vitae and research project have earned him this honor. The program is very competitive and the decision to award Paco with this grant was made after a careful review process. The reviewers believe that he has the ability to do high-quality work and the fellowship is recognition of Paco's great potential for success.

The central aim of the awarded project is to establish the physiological relevance of the membrane transporters SLC41A1 and SLC41A3, the TBC1 domain family, member 4 TBC1D4, the glycoprotein uromodulin (UMOD), and the transcription factor SOX9 in health and disease, specifically in the context of renal Mg2+ reabsorption. For that purpose, specific techniques evaluating kidney function and renal Mg2+ reabsorption will be developed and applied in loss-of-function zebrafish models.

The project is a collaboration with Prof. Dr. Robert Kleta, Centre for Nephrology, University College London, United Kingdom.

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