Roos Masereeuw on the radio

Masereeuw, Roos

On Sunday 5th October, Roos Masereeuw (Dept of Pharmacology & Toxicology) presented the Nijmegen research  into developing a bioarticifial kidney live on the radio in a programme called, 'health & well being'.

Once every two weeks, a Radboudumc researcher participates in radio programme "Gezond en Wel"; a health and lifestyle show for seven broadcasters in Nijmegen and surrounding areas. Gezond en Wel is a two hour show: informative with good interviews for a layman audience. They broadcast each Sunday. Roos presented her research into developing a bio-artidifical kidney, as well as the links to the upcoming confernce New Frontiers in Regenerative Medicine ( and the public evening of October 15th, hosted by Astrid Joosten, on the potential of a personalised kidney (

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