Heert Dokter award for Nynke Scherpbier

Scherpbier-de Haan, Nynke

Nynke Scherpbier received the 'Heert Dokter award' of The Dutch College of General Practitioners. The award is given to the best research article published in 'Huisarts en Wetenschap' in the preceding year. The paper describes a cluster randomized controlled trial on a shared care model between general practitioner, nurse practitioner and nephrologist. Primary outcome was the achievement of blood pressure targets and lowering of blood pressure in patients with chronic kidney disease and diabetes and/or hypertension. The shared care model consisted of training of professionals, structured care by nurse practitioners and the opportunity to ask advice from a nephrology team (Telenephrology). Blood pressure in the intervention group decreased with 8.1(95%CI 4.8 to 11.3)/1.1(95%CI -1.0 to 3.2) mm Hg compared to -0.2 (95%CI -3.8 to 3.6)/-0.5 (95%CI -2.9 to 1.8) mm Hg in the control group. Use of lipid lowering drugs, angiotensine-system inhibitors and vitamin D was higher in the intervention group.

Telenephrology is a webbased consultation platform: relevant data are exported from the electronic patient file of the general practitioner to a protected digital environment from which advice can be formulated by the nephrologist. Since its introduction, Telenephrology has been implemented in many hospitals in the Netherlands.

Telenephrology was developed by the department of Primary and Community Care and the department of Nephrology. IQ Healthcare was involved in the study. A nice example of collaboration within the Radboudumc!

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