Awardees RIHS Junior Researcher round 2016


The following 6 RIHS Junior Researcher projects have been granted:





Mireille Broeders/
Sandra Geurts; 
Iris Nagtegaal

Tailoring breast and colorectal cancer 
follow-up to the length of the preclinical 
phase of cancer recurrence: a methodological 
framework built on experiences from primary screening

Women’s cancers & 
Tumours of the 
digestive tract

undefined Nico Karssemeijer/
Jeroen van der Laak

Deep neural networks to assess the tumor 
stroma for breast cancer prognostication

Women's cancers   
undefined Bart Kiemeney/
Sita Vermeulen; 
Mihai Netea; 
Leo Joosten

DNA variation markers for BCG response in 
urinary bladder cancer: a roundtrip between 
mechanism and evidence

Urological cancers 
& Infectious diseases & 
Global Health
undefined Tom Scheenen;
Jelle Barentsz

Nanotechnology at ultra-high magnetic field:
towards in vivo detection of small lymph node 
metastases with MRI

Urological cancers
undefined Jack Wetzels/
Jan van den Brand
 Predicting Progression in CKD  Renal disorders
undefined Hans de Wilt;  
Otto Boerman/
Mark Rijpkema 

Fluorescence image-guided surgery in
patients with peroneal carcinomatosis of colorectal origin

Tumours of the 
digestive tract


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