Dutch kidney foundation awarded 500.000 Euro

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Recently, the Dutch kidney foundation awarded 500.000 Euro to the Dept. of Physiology for two new collaborative PhD projects.

The first project of Joost Hoenderop and Jeroen de Baaij in close collaboration with Marc Vervloet (VUMC) is entitled “Magnesium as novel therapeutic target for cardiovascular disease in CKD”. In this project animal models for chronic kidney disease will be included as well as haemodialysis patients with cardiovascular complications. Here, the enigmatic protection by Mg2+ on vascular calcification will be investigated to elucidate the molecular mechanisms involved in cardioprotection by this cation, and to set the stage for prospective intervention trials targeting relative low Mg2+ concentrations.

The second project of René Bindels and Paco Arjona in close collaboration with Dorien Peters (LUMC) is entitled “Mechanosensation of urinary flow by primary cilia regulating renal electrolyte reabsorption ”. In this project  it will be investigated how tubular flow is sensed by primary cilia and thereby controls transepithelial electrolyte handling (Mg2+, Ca2+ and Na+) in the nephron. From molecules to organism, the molecular pathways activated upon flow sensing by primary cilia and that regulate electrolyte reabsorption will be identified and characterized to ultimately establish their clinical relevance in patients with ciliopathies.


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