50,000 USD grant for Loeven & van der Vlag from Kidneeds


Markus Loeven (photo left) and Johan van der Vlag, Dept. of Nephrology, theme Renal disorders received a 50,000 USD grant from Kidneeds.

Kidneeds is a USA-based organization founded by parents with children that suffer from C3 glomerulopathy, previously called dense deposit disease. C3G is a devastating disease characterized by uncontrolled activity of the complement system resulting in severe kidney damage and complete loss of renal function. It is not known why only the kidney is affected in C3G, but we hypothesize that the endothelial glycocalyx dictates the clinical manifestations.

The current grant will be used to further characterize the molecular interactions between complement regulators (FH and FHR proteins) and the glomerular endothelial glycocalyx.

Van der Vlag is since 2006 part of the C3G Focus Group organized by Kidneeds.

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