RRR Plus: Renal Disorders

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On Thursday 11th February 2016, we welcomed Prof. Paul Welling, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA for a seminar in the Radboud Research Rounds (RRR) Plus series.

His presentation highlighted the molecular genetics and physiology of electrolyte transport disorders. In particular, Welling focused on the insight in the mechanisms of sodium and potassium homeostasis in health and hypertensive patients. He followed a multidisciplinary approach, combining tools of molecular genetics, cellular biology, biochemistry, and physiology with state-of-the-art imaging techniques. His key strategy involves defining regulator or localization signals that are embedded within the structures of potassium channels and salt-transporters; discovering the intracellular machinery that decodes the signals; and understanding the molecular signaling pathways that influence the interaction between the two. Genetically modified animal models were used to translate their discoveries about fundamental mechanisms to higher-level systems in vivo. These findings unravelled the mechanisms that control salt balance and blood pressure in health and contribute to electrolyte disorders and hypertension in kidney disease. 

During the drinks the audience had the opportunity to continue informal discussions with Prof. Paul Welling in a college tour.

Slides of the Presentation.

The next RRR Plus will be Thursday 17th of March, Prof. Marian Joéls.


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