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This week: Claudia Carmone






1. Name, nationality, current function, department & theme?
Claudia Carmone, Italian, Postdoc, Department of Physiology, theme Renal Disorders.

2. When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up? Can you tell us something about your childhood years. 
Since I was child, I was very fascinated by science especially by astronomy. Many books, encyclopedias and videotapes (the blessed 90’s) are still kept in my family house in Italy. I always loved to watch documentaries with my father and I fell in love with science from the first years of my childhood. Later, during my high school period, my biology teacher who was awesome, smart, enthusiastic and passionate about science inspired me to continue my career as biologist.

3. What was your previous academic training, where did you study and why did you choose that study/those studies? 
I studied molecular and cellular biology at the University of Bari, where I obtained my bachelor and master degrees. During that time, I did two internships at the department of Physiology where my research focused on the effect of heavy metals on the gastric mucosa and later on the role of the calcium sensing receptor (Car) in diabetes. After obtaining my master degree, I started at same department a PhD project that aimed to investigate new signaling pathways involved in the cardiac hypertrophy by using a neonatal rat model of cardiomyocytes. After 3 years I obtained my PhD and did a short Postdoc period of 6 months in the same group. Later I moved to Netherlands where I joined as a Post-doc the group of Prof. Peter Deen at the department of Physiology.

4. The RIMLS motto is ‘to understand molecular mechanisms of disease’. What does this mean for you?
For me it means to unravel the role of succinate receptor (SUCNR1) in the kidney under physiological and pathological conditions. New knowledge in this field will help us to improve diagnosis of renal diseases and hopefully develop new drugs and treatments that can improve the life of patients affected by kidney diseases.

5. Which international scientist inspires/inspired you the most? Please give a motivation why.
It will sound very patriotic but one of the best examples of scientist for me is Rita Levi Montalcini. She was an Italian neurobiologist who was awarded in 1986 with the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for the discovery of nerve growth factor NGF. She lived for 100 years and I still remember her in the television, few years ago, talking about science with the same motivation, believing, passion and fervor of a 20 years old student that is at the beginning of the career. She was a very strong woman that dedicated her entire life to science and for this reason I really admire her.

6. Which research discovery that you have made has made you most proud?
Well, I enjoy every step, even small, that I made and I am making in the right direction.  I’m still waiting for a discovery that will make a difference in the scientific world. At this moment I’m really proud of the new knowledge gained about the SUCNR1 in the kidney but it still something ongoing…so let’s keep the fingers crossed!

7. Given unlimited finance what experiment would you perform? 
I would like to have my own group working on cancer research. I think that, although a big progress has been made in the last decades, there is still a lot to discover. Furthermore I would like to invest money in the treatment of bipolar disorders. The incidence of the pathology is high in the general population but the disease is still poorly understood.

8. What does your working area (desk, office) look like and what does it say about you (or your research)? 
I am a very precise and organized person and my desk is quite organized, colorful and I have pictures of ex-colleagues that shared a lot of time with me in the lab. I also have gifts from students, a lot of papers, notebooks, kidney pictures and different week planners.

9. Nominate a colleague to be in the spotlight and what would you like to ask him or her? 
I would like to put in the spotlight my boss Peter Deen because I’m really curios to know what he would reply to the question above.

10. What type of person are you, quick insights:
a) Mac or  PC:
I have a PC and an iPad at home and at work, but also a personal iPhone, so the balance favors Apple.
b) Theater or Cinema:
Cinema, although I love the atmosphere in the theater.
c) Dine out or dine in: 
Dine in with homemade Italian food.
d) Ferrari or Fiat:
Ferrari…maybe one day.
e) Schopaholic or chocoholic:
Shopaholic for sure…I love to do shopping, and I contribute to the growth of the Dutch economy every weekend.
f) Culture or Nature:
Nature as first but also culture.

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