European grant for renal pathology research


Researchers from the departments of Pathology (Jeroen van der Laak (Photo up), Bart Smeets, Eric Steenbergen) and Nephrology (Luuk Hilbrands) were succesful in acquiring funding for a project studying pathological processes leading to renal transplant rejection.

The grant was acquired in a consortium with partners from Germany, France, Italy and Israel. The project will focus on macrophage-mediated interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy. We will use a systems medicin approach, combining mathematical modellling, cell culture, animal research and patient samples. As advanced digital image analysis plays an important role in this research, the project will be carried out in the Digital Pathology group of the Pathology department.


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Bart Smeets                                              Eric Steenbergen                                     Luuk Hilbrands

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