Awarded PhD projects with regional hospitals


In 2016 Radboudumc started collaborations with Rijnstate Hospital Arnhem, CWZ Nijmegen and Sint Maartenskliniek Nijmegen by means of a regional PhD fund for conducting joint scientific research.

A duo of a researcher from the regional hospital and a current Radboudumc (junior) Principal Investigator can submit an application to the fund.





In collaboration with Rijnstate two junior researcher positions were available in the first round (deadline last May). The following research proposals are granted: 

 “Noradrenaline as a cause of sepsis-°©‐induced immunoparalysis: Time for a new vasopressor?”

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Henk v. Leeuwen  Peter Pickkers

Radboudumc theme/institute: Infectious diseases and global health/RIMLS 

 “Precision dialysis guided by bio-°©‐electrical impedance analysis to improve quality of life and cardiovascular outcome in patients on hemodialysis”

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Hans de Boer         Jack Wetzels

Radboudumc theme/institute: Renal disorders/RIHS

In collaboration with CWZ one junior researcher position was available (deadline last July). The following research proposal is granted: 

“Implementing markers for the individualization of endometrial cancer treatment?” 

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Marc Snijders         Leon Massuger 

Radboudumc theme/institute: Women’s cancers/RIMLS 

The second round for research proposals together with Rijnstate researchers is now open. Deadline is November 30th, 12h.  More information on conditions and time schedule can be found here (in Dutch). The call in collaboration with Sint Maartenskliniek is in preparation.

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