Christine Mohrman Stipendium for Myrte Neijenhuis

Neijenhuis, Myrte.jpg

Recently Myrte Neijenhuis, theme Renal disorders received the Christine Mohrman Stipendium. 

Myrte Neijenhuis showed that quality of life of patients with polycystic liver disease is significantly worse than the general population. To justify the use of surgical or medical therapies in this population, the impact on quality of life needs to be proven. She has developed and validated an instrument (the PLD-Q) to measure the quality of life in these patients.

Myrte Neijenhuis will use the Christine Mohrmann Stipendium to assess the impact of different treatments on quality of life in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, US. She will also use this Stipendium to obtain FDA-approval for the use of the PLD-Q as useful tool to measure quality of life in this population.

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