TKI grant of € 600,000 for development of innovative dialysis membranes

Vlag, van der Johan 2016.jpg

Johan van der Vlag, theme Renal disorders participates in the NOVAMEM consortium that received a € 600,000 TKI grant from the Dutch Kidney Foundation - Top sector Life Sciences and Health (Health~Holland) call. 

NOVAMEM, a public-private partnership of the University of Twente (coordinator), Radboudumc, University Medical Center Utrecht and two companies (Neokidney and Aspen Oss), aims to develop innovative dialysis membranes. Current hemodialysis therapy requires patients to visit the dialysis center several times a week. Major drawbacks of this therapy are: the huge burden for the patient, it is discontinuous and it primarily removes small, non-protein-bound substances, while removal of toxic larger middle-sized molecules and protein-bound uremic solutes is poor. NOVAMEM aims to develop novel dialysis membranes, which combine dialysis and adsorption for the continuous removal of middle-sized molecules and protein-bound uremic solutes from blood. Hemocompatibility and anti-fouling is achieved by incorporation of glycocalyx components, normally present in the renal filter. The novel dialysis membrane is expected to improve current dialysis therapy and could be incorporated into a new portable artificial kidney device.

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