On 9 March worldwide attention for kidney diseases

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On the 9th of March worldwide attention for kidney diseases. 

Increase awareness for kidney disease
Many people with chronic kidney damage are in the onset not aware of their disease and potential risk. Chronic kidney damage increases the probability of kidney failure and cardiovascular complications. A healthy lifestyle is a powerful tool to decrease the progression of kidney damage. During the World Kidney Day on 9 March, a national initiative is launched to raise awareness for kidney diseases and how to prevent them.  

During the World Kidney Day, there is global attention for kidney diseases and kidney health. How should we care for our kidneys? Many people are not aware of the effects of their life style choices on their kidneys. Smoking, salty food and obesity are important contributors to the development of kidney disease. According to recent numbers of the Dutch Kidney Foundation over 10% of the Dutch population has chronic kidney damage (1,7 million people) and 40% is unaware (680.000 people) of their disease. These numbers are increasing and a healthy lifestyle can prevent further problems. Therefore, the theme of this year’s World Kidney Day is ‘a healthy lifestyle for healthy kidneys’.

Kidney disease is a major cause of cardiovascular related morbidity and mortality. Research at a very basic level teaches us how kidneys function, from cell to molecule. Knowledge on these details helps to understand our kidneys in health and disease, which fuels clinical research and allows us to develop better treatment on the longer term. Sometimes it is difficult to bridge the gap between basic research and the clinic, and to involve patients in this process. On World Kidney Day, it is time to get research and patients united to exchange thoughts and view research from both angles. 

Meet the patients
This year the Radboudumc is involved in the national program for the World Kidney Day.The departments of our theme Renal disorders, represented by Laboratory Medicine, Nephrology, Pathology, Pediatric Nephrology, Pharmacology & Toxicology, and Physiology, united in organizing an interactive program for patients. The patients will be offered presentations of several research topics, demonstrations with live kidney cells, the ‘kidney on a chip’, microscopy and a lab-tour which all aim to get researchers and patients together. Theme-leader Joost Hoenderop will kick-off the day by giving an introductory lecture on kidney function and the importance of a healthy life style.

National event
After the demonstrations at the Radboudumc, a public event at the Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis in Utrecht will be held. By means of a bike tour (#FietsenvoorNieren) physicians and researchers from all UMC’s will ask attention for the importance of a healthy life style and exercise for healthy kidneys. At the Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis multiple interactive demonstrations, simulations, live cooking and interactive games for the children will illustrate the kidneys as an organ to protect and care for.

For more information visit the World Kidney website.

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