RIHS VENI laureates 2017

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Two young researchers, affiliated to the RIHS, have received a Veni grant of 250,000 Euro from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). Our researchers received this prestigious grant for their remarkable and original talent and  ability to carry out innovative research. The Veni grant from the NWO's Innovational Research Incentives Scheme is one of the most prestigious grants for young researchers, and to be awarded is considered an important step in an academic career. Although the Veni 

During the application process our Veni applicants were supported by the RIHS Grant Committee chaired by David Burger and our Valorisation Centre. The successful support is greatly appreciated and certainly contributed to this outstanding achievement.

RIHS-related Awardees:


Geert Litjens, theme Urological cancers

Title of the project: Building a digital pathologist for improved treatment of prostate cancer

Aim of the project: The treatment of prostate cancer patients is largely determined by a pathologist inspecting tumor tissue. Sadly, there can be large discrepancies between pathologists in this inspection, sometimes resulting in incorrect treatment for patients. Geert Litjens develops an automated tissue analysis method based on ‘deep learning’ to better assess patient prognosis.



Loes van der Zanden, theme Renal disorders

Title of project: Posterior Urethral Valves: Causes and prediction of future kidney function

Aim of the project: 
Boys with the birth defect posterior urethral valves have obstructed urinary outflow. This may cause severe kidney damage, sometimes already before birth. Loes van der Zanden will try to answer the two most burning questions of future parents: “What causes posterior urethral valves?“ and: “Will our son have normal kidney function?”. 

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