Awardees RIMLS Junior Researcher round 2018

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Recently, RIMLS held an internal call for Radboudumc junior researcher (PhD) positions. In total 33 applications were received.

An external independent multidisciplinary committee, comprising clinicians and non-clinicians, was formed to judge the projects in a two step procedure.  The committee reviewed each project based on (a) novelty and innovation; (b) scientific quality; (c) quality of the research group; and (d) relevance for the RIMLS. The projects were subsequently scored by each member of the committee based on the project itself, initial referee comments and your rebuttal letter.

The RIMLS management congratulates the awardees and wishes them the best in conducting their research projects. 

This year 8 positions have been awarded to:

undefinedWillemijn Hobo
Theme: Cancer development and immune defense 
Title of the project:Harnessing the immune system in myelodysplastic syndromes: combining hypomethylating agents with dendritic cell vaccination



Joost Hoenderop                
Theme: Renal disorders 
Title of the project: Kidney organoids as disease model to rescue Mg2+ wasting tubulopathies



Alexander Hoischen                          
Theme: Infectious diseases and global health   
Tiltle of the project: Solving the Unsolved – Integrated DNA and RNA Analysis to Unravel the Causes of Primary Immunodeficiencies 


undefinedTom Schirris
Theme: Renal disorders
Title of the project: Towards a systems pharmacology approach to understand and prevent drug-induced acute kidney injury 



Frank van de Veerdonk                   
Theme: Infectious diseases and global health       
Title of the project: Identifying novel immunotherapeutic treatment strategies in chronic pulmonary aspergillosis in patients with COPD 


undefinedWouter Verdurmen
Theme: Nanomedicine   
Title of the project: Engineering anthrax toxin-based systems for the tumor-specific targeting of BCL-2 family proteins in ovarian cancer



Paul Verweij
Theme: Infectious diseases and global health      
Title of the project: How Aspergillus fumigatus escapes from azole stress




Johan van der Vlag                            
Theme: Renal disorders
Title of the project: Heparanase: a double-edged sword in the development of glomerulonephritis



Procedure of evaluation: 

  • Each submitted project proposal was evaluated by two reviewers independently using a standard scoring form.
  • Subsequently, the applicants were requested to submit a condense rebuttal addressing the comments of each reviewer.
  • The rebuttals were returned to the original reviewers with the option to eventually adapt their original scores depending on the quality of the rebuttal.
  • The projects including final scoring forms and rebuttals were sent to all 10 members of the evaluation committee. The members were requested to submit a priority of the projects based on all information.
  • The individual scores were collected and the projects were prioritized using the median of all scores for each project. Applications of postdocs and (J)PI’s were ranked separately.
  • The concept priority list of all projects was finally discussed in a meeting that was organized in Utrecht, with all 10 reviewers present.
  • The final order of the priority of the projects was established by discussing the projects individually.
  • The first 8 projects of the 33 submitted projects were finally awarded.





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