Call for poposals: Radboud Oncology Fund

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Foundation ‘Radboud Oncologie Fonds’ aims to raise additional funds for cancer research at Radboudumc. In order to stimulate progress in cancer research on our campus we are interested in new funding partnerships with research teams. Your project proposal is the entry point for a possible cooperation. Once in our portfolio, our team will actively try to get your research project funded. As a researcher, you can help speed up the process of fund raising by opening your team’s network to our fundraisers. We are looking forward to receiving your complete proposals.

For who? This call for proposals is open to Radboudumc cancer researchers.
Deadline: 21 December 2017

Selection process
Our scientific review board will judge the proposals. March 2018 latest, we will inform all applicants on the status of their application. This can be a rejection, an approval or a request for additional information on your proposal. Approved projects will be sent to our foundation’s board, that will decide on the prioritization of all approved projects. Depending on the available budget, they can take more or less approved projects into the portfolio of the Radboud Oncologie Fonds. If you have one or more back donors willing to (partially) fund the project, this can help our board to take your approved project into our portfolio.How to submit your proposal?

Radboud Oncologie Fonds offers two types of funding. You can either choose to request funding for an investment (i.e. the purchase of equipment) or a research project. Please fill out the proposal format and send it to

If your research project takes longer than 48 months or exceeds annual expenses of € 100.000, please contact our team to receive a special proposal format. These projects will be judged by our partner KWF, through a separate process.

Selection criteria

  1. To what extend does the project (investment or project) serve our goals: less cancer, more cure and improved quality of live for cancer patients?
  2. Is the project a logical step in the continuum from fundamental research till implementation?
  3. How does the project stand out on relevance, feasibility and quality?

More information
Please make sure to look at the website with all details (including formats) about the call.

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