Kolff grants Tom Nijenhuis and Wilco Pulskens

Nijenhuis, Tom

Prestigious Kolff research grants awarded to Tom Nijenhuis and Wilco Pulskens

The Dutch Kidney Foundation each year allocates 1 million Euro to personal career stimulating grants within the highly competitive Kolff program. This year 600,000 euro was awarded to researchers from the Dept. of Nephrology.

Dr. Tom Nijenhuis, internist-nephrologist, obtained a Senior Kolff post-doc grant (400,000 euro) to further unravel the role of the TRPC6 calcium channel and downstream intracellular signalling in the development of proteinuria, and to determine whether targeting this pathway can inhibit or prevent proteinuria and renal function decline.

(Tom Nijenhuis)

Dr. Wilco Pulskens obtained a Junior Kolff post-doc grant (200,000 euro) to investigate whether the anti-inflammatory cytokine Interleukin-37 might be a novel key target to diminish the degree of renal ischemia/reperfusion injury and onset of allo-immune responses in order to improve graft function and reduce the risk of organ rejection.


(Wilco Pulskens)

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