EURenOMICS prize for Jeroen de Baaij

Jeroen De Baaij Prize

During the annual meeting of EURenOMICS the prize for best poster presentation was given to Jeroen de Baaij, Dept. of Physiology for his presentation "Functionomics of newly identificied magnesiotropic genes". The abstract of Jeroen was selected for an oral presentation and subsequently selected for this prestigious award. Congratulations to Jeroen (on the right with the consortium coordinator Prof. Frans Schaefer on the left).

EURenOMICs is devoted to improving the lives of patients affected by rare kidney diseases. In line with the objectives of the International Rare Disease Research Consortium (IRDiRC), the consortium aims to develop novel tools that will allow to make more accurate diagnoses, predict the disease course and the efficacy of available treatments, and help developing new and better therapies for rare kidney diseases.

During the annual meeting all participants reported on the progress made in 2013. Drs. Hoenderop, Wetzels and Bindels participate in this 16 M€ EU FP7 project as group leaders.

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