08.30  Registration, coffee/tea

08.50  Welcome by Paul Smits

09.00  Session 1: Biodelivery

Chair: Jan van Hest

Keynote speaker Patricia Dankers (TU Eindhoven)
Title tba
Lisanne van Oppen
Targeting mitochondrial medicine to the brain 
Mani Diba
pH-induced formation of self-assembled nanocomposite colloidal gels with remarkable self-healing ability
Rachel van Swelm
Renal handling of circulating and renal synthesized hepcidin and its protective effects against hemoglobin-mediated kidney injury 

10.30 Laptop presentations, part 1  and coffee/tea

11.30 Session 2: Model systems

Chair: Joost Hoenderop

Keynote speaker Ton Rabelink (LUMC)
Title tba
Sarah Foriel
Drosophila as a model to study therapeutic approaches for mitochondrial diseases
Francisco Arjona
New players underlying renal Mg2+ reabsorption; lessons from the zebrafish
Tom Schirris
Mitochondrial complex III inhibition is associated with statin-induced muscle toxicity 

13.00 Lunch 

14.00 Session 3: Translation to the individual patients
Chair: Jan Smeitink

Keynote speaker  Frits Rosendaal (LUMC)
Title tba
Saskia Koene
The value of using 3D accelerometry in estimating daily physical activity in children with mitochondrial disease
Salay Siddiqi
Tissue engineering of the trachea: what is the hold-up?
Stijn van Vlugt
Polypharmacy and adverse clinical outcomes in elderly patients using a VKA in the setting of atrial fibrillation 

15.30 Laptop presentations, part 2 and coffee/tea

16.30 Invited speaker Gerard Kemkers: “How to build and support a successful team”               

17.15 – 18.00 Drinks and Best Laptop presentation Award