Renal disorders

Renal disorders


Theme leader: Joost Hoenderop
The present and future care of patients with renal and renal-related disorders can be highly improved. To achieve this we aim:

  • to increase knowledge on the molecular and immunological basis of rare glomerular and tubular disorders;
  • to develop biomarkers for optimal prediction of prognosis;
  • to apply strategies for the prevention and improvement of renal replacement therapy.


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Bindels, Rene2015.jpg
Bindels, RenéRegulation of ion transport processes in kidney and small intestine in health and disease.   read more >>
Cornelissen, marlies.jpg (1)
Cornelissen, MarliesI am a Pediatric Nephologist specialised in genetic renal diseases and kidney transplantation.  read more >>
Deen Peter
Deen, PeterMolecular, cellular and structural biology of protein routing and regulation of water homeostasis.  read more >>
Drenth, JoostUnderstanding of gastrointestinal disease, especially polycystic liver disorders.  read more >>
Heuvel, van den
van den Heuvel, BertIdentification of novel biomarkers for OXPHOS disease.  read more >>
Hilbrands, Luuk
Hilbrands, LuukClinical and experimental research in renal transplantation  read more >>
Hoenderop, Joost
Hoenderop, JoostRegulation of Ca2+ and Mg2+ transport, with a specific focus on transient receptor potential channels.  read more >>
Hoitsma, Andries
Hoitsma, AndriesI was involved in renal transplantation, at the Radboud University Nijmegen; particularly interest in trials with immunosuppression.  read more >>
Kar van de, Nicole VK.jpg
van de Kar, NicoleHemolytic uremic syndrome , shiga toxin producing E.coli infections, complement system, C3 glomerulopathy  read more >>
Nijenhuis Tom 2014
Nijenhuis, TomResearch is aimed at mechanisms of renal disease, in particular podocyte injury in glomerular disease.  read more >>
Roepman, ronald2016.jpg
Roepman, RonaldStudying the protein connectivity in cilia and the severe consequences of its loss in ciliopathies.  read more >>
Russel, Frans2016.jpg
Russel, FransResearch interests include pharmacokinetics, drug transporters and toxicity.  read more >>
Schmidts , Miriam
Schmidts, MiriamGenetic basis and therapeutic approaches in ciliopathies  read more >>
Schreuder, Michiel.jpg
Schreuder, MichielRenal development and Nephropharmacology. 
Smeets , Bart1
Smeets, BartResearch follows two main lines: (i) Glomerular diseases; (ii) Kidney regeneration  read more >>
Swinkels Dorine
Swinkels, DorineIdentification and characterization of factors affecting iron homeostasis and translation to the clinic.  read more >>
Vlag, van der Johan 2016.jpg
van der Vlag, JohanResearch follows two main lines: (i) Glomerular diseases; (ii) Transplantation immunology.  read more >>
Wetzels, Jack.jpg
Wetzels, Jack 

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