Urological cancers

Urological cancers

Theme leader: Tom Scheenen 

Research aims to identify and evaluate the utility of new biomarkers and imaging techniques for risk, diagnostic, prognostic and predictive assessment in prostate, bladder and kidney cancer. Additionally, it is aimed to evaluate new and existing prevention and treatment modalities in these types of cancer. Synergistic multidisciplinary research collaborati on, from molecular life sciences to population sciences, is the tool to keep the theme's focus on 'utility' for the patient and/or public health.


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Aben, Katja.bmp
Aben, KatjaResearch is focused on clinical epidemiology of urological cancers, mainly bladder-, prostate and kidney cancer.  read more >>
Barentzs, Jelle
Barentsz, JelleWith his team he develops and validates new MRI-techniques in prostate cancer and lymph nodes.   read more >>
Futterer, Jurgen (1)
Futterer, Jurgen 
Grutters, Janneke
Grutters, Janneke 
Heerschap, ArendResearch is focused on translational research, from in vitro NMR studies of tissues to MR of patients.   read more >>
Huisman , Henk Jan
Huisman, Henk Jan 
Kiemeney , Bart
Kiemeney, BartClinical and genetic epidemiology of urological tumors.  read more >>
Langenhuijsen, Hans
Langenhuijsen, HansUrological cancers with emphasis on new imaging techniques and minimal invasive treatment modalities   read more >>
Oosterwijk, Egbert
Oosterwijk, EgbertTargeted therapy of urologic malignancies, emphasis on antibodies as new therapeutic reagents.  read more >>
Rovers , Maroeska
Rovers, MaroeskaEvidence-based surgery is needed as in order to maintain future sustainability of our healthcare system, we need to ensure that surgical innovations are affordable, effective, and of value for the patient.   read more >>
Schalken Jack 2014
Schalken, JackResearch interests include tumour cell biology, in particular prostate cancer.   read more >>
Scheenen, Tom
Scheenen, TomDevelopment of functional in vivo magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy for oncol. applications  read more >>
Vermeulen, Vermeulen
Vermeulen, Sita 
Vrieling, Alina
Vrieling, Alina 
Witjes , Fred2
Witjes, FredOncological urology, with emphasis on bladder cancer, testicular cancer and prostate cancer.  read more >>
Witjes, Wim (2)
Witjes, Wim